Mesilla Valley Maze and Family Fun Farm - Fairacres, New Mexico


Presidents and Pumpkins maze photoThe Mesilla Valley Maze starts as a pencil sketch that is brought to life using the magic of GPS. The corn seed is planted with a grain drill in a cross-hatch pattern around July 1. Four weeks later, we set up Making the maze photosurvey equipment and using Global Positioning Satellites that orbit above the Earth, we cut out the pattern using a small farm tractor. GPS is accurate to sub-inch, and cutting miles of 6-foot-wide paths in a 9-acre field takes about 120 man hours.

Though GPS began as a system designed for the United States military, it is now in everyday use by citizens of the world. We have GPS locators in our cell phones, mapping systems in our cars and it is also used as a recreational tool for geo-caching.