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Las Cruces, NM 88007

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2021 Season

September 25 - October 31
Saturdays & Sundays
11AM - 7PM


- FREE Parking
- Cash, debit, & credit accepted
- Registered service animals only

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The Original New Mexico Corn Maze Adventure

Things to Do > Giant Corn Maze

Get lost in the maze!

Giant Corn Maze

Be prepared to get lost on a fantastic adventure in New Mexico's original corn maze. Inside our 5-acre Giant Corn Maze, you will find twisting pathways and fun activities. It's a maze, it's a game, it's educational, and it's FUN!

Spend quality time together with your family, friends, or group sharing experiences. The maze is the ultimate experience because you are lost and must work through the challenge together. This will allow you to share the victory together.

Mini Maze for Younger Explorers

Our maze design features a smaller maze that is great for younger explorers not quite ready for the Giant Corn Maze. Older participants can experience both mazes!

Experience the Corn Maze with your Group

Bring your scouting troop, school class, youth group, or corporate group to the Mesilla Valley Maze! Groups are challenged to work together to solve a puzzle and mystery that's much bigger than any one person. Members interact, make group decisions, succeed and fail together as they progress through the pathways. Your adventure can be a competition or collaborative effort, but it will always be exciting.

2019 Corn Maze Theme

2019 Corn Maze - Man on the Moon

Each year, our Corn Maze is a different design and theme so the maze never gets old!

This year's theme, "Man on the Moon", commemorates the Moon landing by US astronauts in 1969. As you explore the maze, look for stations where you'll learn about NASA, the Apollo Program, and the 3 men who made the journey. Punch your map as you journey through the maze and submit your completed map to be entered into our weekly drawing for prizes!

Making the Maze

Making the corn maze
Ever wondered how the corn maze gets made? The Mesilla Valley Maze starts as a pencil sketch, based on each year's new theme, that is brought to life using the magic of GPS. The corn seed is planted with a grain drill in a cross-hatch pattern around July 1st. Four weeks later, we set up survey equipment and using Global Positioning Satellites that orbit above the Earth, we cut out the pattern using a small farm tractor. GPS is accurate to sub-inch, and cutting miles of 6-foot-wide paths in a 9-acre field takes about 120 man hours.

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